First off, a big thank you! Thank you for trusting us to capture and tell your story! We’re so excited to create timeless memories with you. We’ve put this guide together to help you get comfortable and ready for your session.

These aren’t meant to be rules, but only suggestions from what we’ve learned as we’ve photographed through the years - and we think they’ll help you get the most our of your session!



Think coordinating… not matching!

We gravitate toward neutral and soft tones! These tones are great for letting us and the camera focus on what’s happening in the moment with your interactions and emotions, and not just what you’re wearing. They beautifully compliment almost any setting without drawing too much attention away from you.

Say you have a color in mind that you love! Pick that one as your accent color and pair it with neutrals, like a light gray, cream, oatmeal, or white, black or tan, that will get you the look you’re going for!

Neutrals are also great for framing your photos in your home. They can fit well on any wall or shelf and simply complement their surroundings. Your photos will help make your home feel like home, full of memories, so imagining what your colors will look like with your home color palette is another great place to get ideas from!

Are you all about loud and bold colors? Let us know! Pops of color are great here and there if they’re coordinated well! We avoid bright or neon colors because they create color casts on skin and it’s not very pretty. If it’s a bright, sunny day and you’re wearing a bright lime, pink or orange shirt, you will get that color reflecting on your skin.

At the beginning of each month, I like to write in important dates into our family calendar! And as far as our calendar goes… it’s still summer for another 18 days! Or maybe I’m just trying to slow down time… 🍃🌻
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Chances are that the pieces you feel beautiful in are pieces that flatter your skin tone and figure. As women, we are often self-conscious of what we think are our imperfections. But we need to remember to be conscious of the good things that we like about ourselves! Everyone has their own flattering features and we will make sure to focus on those! That’s our job!

Wear what you are comfortable in and what you already own! Don’t stress about needing to buy the perfect outfit last-minute (been there, done that, it wasn’t perfect and I ended up wearing what I already owned :)). It’s about being you and the realness of who you are in that moment. If you’re having a hard time choosing, pick the pieces that you feel most YOU in - the ones that you are comfortable in and make you feel beautiful.


Dresses are flattering on all women! Skirts are lovely, too! Think floor-length and flowy. They look stunning on women because they add beautiful depth and movement to your photos! Even though loose and baggy clothes are comfy, clothing that fits looks great on everyone.

Pick the best silhouette that complements your body type and you’re good to go! Picking pieces that highlight your favorite features are sure to make you shine. Jackets and dresses that cinch at the waist are very flattering and raglan sleeves have a slimming effect on arms. Don’t be afraid to show off your waist :)

Pro tip for family & engagement sessions: Pick out her outfit first and then build everyone else’s around hers!

If you prefer a dressy trouser or a classic jean, then go for it! Try a flattering cut in a dark wash for a casual, but fashionable look. Pair them with a simple patterned top, a chick sweater or a dressy heel or wedge and voila!


This can be a big confidence boost! Who doesn’t like to feel and look pretty? Whether you do your own hair and makeup, make sure it is applied in natural light since we’ll be shooting in the same light.

Professional hair and makeup always looks great on camera and can help ease the stress of figuring it out yourself. Treat yo self! This can be a mani-pedi, lash extensions or falsies, getting your hair styled or a blowout! It might feel like a bit much, but the pro’s know how to do their job! Do what works for you!

Pro tip for brides: This is a great time to do a test-run with who you want to do your hair & makeup on your big day!



Button ups and fitted pants and trousers are our go to! Short sleeves are a little more casual and long-sleeves are a little more dressed up.

Slacks and fitted pants look much more put together and masculine than baggy ones! One camera, baggy can look baggier, so stick to a more tailored fit and cut.

Pro tip: Keep ties for more formal sessions where everyone else matches how dressed up you are!

A good rule of thumb is to have his ensemble match however dressy her outfit might be. You want to complement each other!


Chances are that the man did not book your portrait session. And that’s totally ok! Some gentlemen prefer to not be in front of the camera, but that can all change for the time that we’re together! Talk about why you’ve booked your photo session and how important it is to you. Let him know of your expectations, your plans before, during and after your session, and what your plan is so you can all be on the same page! It’s not about how great or confident he is in front of a camera, but just being in the moment with you. Most guys forget that they didn’t feel like taking photos when we’re done with your shoot!

Pro tip: Keep your phone out of your pocket! We’ll hold it for you.

We went for a stroll @target yesterday and I got all warm and fuzzy inside looking at all the 🍂 colors! Too warm for sweatshirts though ;)


Family and group portraits turn out the best when the family is coordinating and not exactly matching. We strongly recommend staying away from matching outfits. Instead, go for pieces that look like they go together or shades of the same or a neutral color that coordinate. In the end, instead of having the perfect matching outfits, we want to capture emotion and personality for you to remember for years to come … and that will never go out of style!


Kids have a very different attention and patience span that adults do. And we know how to work with them! Beforehand, we encourage that you make a mental note of what things you can do to get their attention to make eye contact with the camera! Bring snacks and small toys. It might be fun to go out for a treat or watch their favorite movie afterwards. You can always let them pick to make it extra fun for them!

Bring along a blanket if your sessions is in a place where you can lay it, if you’d like.

For the little ones, we’ve noticed they are happiest when they’ve had a meal and a nap! But don’t stress out if they didn’t fall asleep :) They’re just kids. We’ll make sure and get the shots!

Pro tip: Bring along your diaper bag and we’ll have that with us if you need it at any time during your session! Bring along a comfort toy if there’s any meltdowns. And don’t worry - we’ve been there!

If you have older kids or teens with you, talk about what your plan is and what’s going to happen so they have clear expectations for the day! Let them know why you’re having their photos taken and why it’s important for you. It’s not about making them do anything. We’ll try our best to give them a good time!




We usually share a sneak peek on social media 1-2 business days after your session!

You can expect to get your edited, high-resolution photos in an online gallery 2 weeks from your session date.


You session location may or may not have public parking. We like to use the SpotHero and ParkingPanda apps to schedule our parking ahead of time. They are both free and can save you money on parking!

(If it’s your first time using SpotHero, the link will get you $7 off of your first $8 reservation!)


We’re so excited to see you! We hope that what we’ve shared has put you at ease about how to prepare for your session. If you have any questions or worries, please let us know. We’d love to help! The most important thing to us is to capture the true you and to create memories that you will look back on with joy!