First off, a big thank you! Thank you for trusting us to capture and tell your story! We’re so excited to create timeless memories with you. We’ve put this guide together to help you get comfortable and ready for your session.

Newborn sessions are so special. It’s the chance we get to document the story of those first weeks with your little one. We love to focus on your newborn - their little toes, the peachy fuzz on their cheeks or how tiny they are all swaddled up. We also love to capture everything else that comes with welcoming a new baby home. Our passion is to capture those natural, sweet and emotional moments that you share as a family.

These following aren’t meant to be rules, but only suggestions from what we’ve learned as we’ve photographed through the years - and we think they’ll help you get the most our of your session!





Let’s set a date! Inquire about your due date and make sure we have availability.


Pay your deposit.
This deposit will count towards
your final session fee.


Fill out the questionnaire we’ll send you so that we can make sure to capture your family, home and anything else that’s special to you.



When does a newborn session take place?

Newborn lifestyle sessions take place anytime after baby is born, usually at about two to three weeks of age or any time in those first four weeks. We like to shoot these sessions during that time period because baby’s change so much… so fast! And you get some time to get to know baby.

Where does the session take place?

Newborn sessions take place during daylight hours in your home. We will focus on capturing moments in the master bedroom and nursery, and any other important rooms of in your home. 

Rooms with the most natural light photograph best. Because we are natural light photographs, we don’t use ceiling lights or lamps. We’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire to find out when the light in those rooms is the brightest. That will help us determine what time we should schedule your session.

If you don’t feel comfortable being photographed in your home, please let us know and we can discuss other options.

What do we wear?

Whatever you choose to wear, make sure you are comfortable! Mothers always look great in flowy dresses or robes in light and neutral colors.

Think coordinating… not matching! 

We gravitate toward neutral and soft tones! These tones are great for letting us and the camera focus on what’s happening in the moment with your interactions and emotions, and not just what you’re wearing. They beautifully compliment almost any setting without drawing too much attention away from you. 

Say you have a color in mind that you love! Pick that one as your accent color and pair it with neutrals, like a light gray, cream, oatmeal, or white, navy blue, black or tan, that will get you the look you’re going for!

Are you all about loud and bold colors? Let us know! Pops of color are great here and there if they’re coordinated well! We avoid bright, saturated colors because they create color casts on skin and it’s not very flattering on skin tones. If you wear a bright pink or red shirt, you will get that color reflecting on your skin and everyone else around you.

We focus on you and your family versus what you wore!

For baby

A simple white onesie and a swaddle is our go-to. Our passion is to create timeless portraits that will stand through time. Trends come and go and you want to remember your baby, not so much the trend.

If you have a favorite outfit or two, we can definitely change them into that for a few photos.

Want to chat about outfit choices? Please ask or email us :) We’d love to help you get ready for your session!

For Dad & Siblings

Button-up shirts, dressy khakis or neutral-colored chinos are our go-to for a put together and neutral look. Avoid wearing t-shirts with logos and graphics and in bright colors (like red, orange, green, yellow, etc.). Same goes for socks and shorts. Dark solids or neutral colored ones look best on camera. We want to keep the focus on what’s happening in the moment and to make it an image you can display anywhere in your home!

Will you use props?

Probably not. We are natural light photographers who love to capture your life as it is - natural, emotional, and about the people you love. 

Say you have precious family heirlooms you’d like to include in your session or a quilt grandma made for baby… we can definitely get those in. We will bring a white swaddle with us just in case ;)

We know how hectic life can feel with a newborn. You’ve only been together for a short time after all! But we’re with you all the way!

  • If possible, feel free to feed baby right before your session. Babies are happiest after being fed!

  • Babies like to be warm, so if you need to, turn up the heat for your session!

  • We understand that you might not be nesting anymore, so don’t worry that the sink has dirty dishes :) We only ask that you clear your nightstands, dresser and any other surfaces that will appear in the background.

  • We may request to move things around during your session to get the best photographs.

  • If baby’s crib has bumpers, please remove them for the session. This way we can get clear shots peeking into the crib.

  • Think of the ordinary and every day things you do with baby, like singing to them on the rocking chair, changing their diaper, etc. We’d love to document this for you to never forget!

Other Tips



You can expect to get your photo gallery about two weeks after your session. We usually share a sneak peek on social media one or two days after your session - so watch out for that!

Your gallery will be easily shareable to family and friends! You can order download your photos, order prints and products, and share to your social media accounts through the gallery.